German Congress of Laboratory Medicine

15th Annual Congress of the DGKL
3rd Symposium on Biomedical Analysis

26. – 29. September 2018



Dear sir or madam, dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to Mannheim for the 15th Annual Congress of the DGKL (German Society of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) and the 3rd Symposium on Biomedical Analysis.
We are pleased to be able to organise the Congress as a Stuttgart trio together with the DVTA e.V. (Umbrella Association for German Medical Technologists and Analysts).

With the support of our colleagues in Switzerland and Austria we hope we have prepared an attractive and interesting program, with which we want to express the importance now being attached to laboratory diagnostics in medicine as the foundation for diagnosis and treatment.

New findings are reported both from basic research and routine diagnosis. Against the background of demographic change, space in the program has also been given to professional topics. You can become active yourself in workshops and microscopy courses.

Modern techniques such as mass spectrometry and molecular diagnostics, along with bioinformatics and automation, have revolutionised our profession in recent years and led to an enormous growth in findings. However, dealing with this information and using it meaningfully requires the expert knowledge of laboratory specialists such as laboratory physicians, clinical chemists and medical laboratory assistants. It is also extremely important to inspire and train young people for our discipline. So we will also be devoting sufficient time in our program to aspects of training and development.

As the number of biomarkers increases, their validity needs to be scrutinised critically before they are used in clinical diagnostics. The goal must be evidence-based laboratory medicine that does not neglect the personalised medicine approach, especially in oncology. Current studies are focussing on demonstrating the performance capacity, and above all the concepts for the implementation of clinical trials to prove their diagnostic value.

Given the digital networking in the context of electronic patient files, laboratory findings represent very important data and can thus support cross-sectoral care. There is a need for development not only in terms of the standardisation of methods, but also the standardisation of (digital) laboratory findings throughout Europe as far as possible.

POCT analysis has become indispensable nowadays for rapid diagnosis in the emergency ambulance, in the accident and emergency department, and at the bedside. The Annual Congress will also provide appropriate space for progress in this area.

Modern techniques are blurring the boundaries between the medical and diagnostic professions, so it is also well worthwhile taking a broader view, whether in the dialogue between colleagues or also with neighbouring disciplines and our partners from the diagnostics industry. But naturally most important of all is the way we view the patients, who benefit from the very high quality, performance and advantages of laboratory medicine in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but unfortunately are still too little informed about this discipline. Here too there are major tasks for the future, which need to be addressed jointly by the industry, clinical chemists, medical laboratory assistants and laboratory physicians.

We are expecting 800 participants from all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Mannheim is excellently located strategically in the south-west, and is easily accessible by road and rail. There are major airports in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The Congress Center is well-known in this respect and enables very intensive contact between congress participants and the exhibitors.

We would be delighted if you would once again contribute to the success of the DGKL Annual Congress and the 3rd Symposium on Biomedical Analysis with your presence. We wish you an informative and successful congress in familiar surroundings and hope we have awakened your interest in supporting “Laboratory medicine – the foundation for diagnosis and treatment.”
Take the opportunity for yourself and your employees of sharing the progress and innovations with your customers.
The Congress steering committee and the Electoral Palatinate look forward to your participation.

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Wieland
PD Dr. med. Matthias Orth
Prof. Dr. med. Hannsjörg Baum
Christiane Maschek B.Sc

Invitation of the Congress Presidents

Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Wieland

PD Dr. med. Matthias Orth

Prof. Dr. med. Hannsjörg Baum

Christiane Maschek B.Sc

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